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The Best Flight Training AppsThe Best Flight Training Apps

Here are the top aviation apps to assist students with their flight training

As a student pilot, many digital tools can be handy when learning to fly and throughout your flying career. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by which to use. We rounded up some of our favorites to help you select the best option for you!
AOPA Pilot Gear

Let's face it. We live in a digital age, and when we are just starting out with our flight training, there is an extensive list of digital products that you can add to your electronic flight bag to guide you through the process and keep you organized. 

We rounded up some of the best flight training apps will provide you with convenience, efficiency, and even offer chances for improved flight safety. 

The AOPA all-in-one app is the one student should immediately download. It has dozens of features, from informative training articles to flight planning tools. 

The Pilot Passport feature offers a wide variety of events and activities, inspiring your next flight and helps you keep track of where you've been. You can use the badge system to set goals and celebrate recent achievements perfect for student pilots.
You'd be hard-pressed to find a pilot who doesn't have this app. It offers complete VFR
and IFR sectionals, interactive flight planning tools, and up to date IFR approach and procedure plates.

On top of this, there are tons of small features such as an electronic logbook, flight tracking and debriefing, weight and balance calculators, and synthetic vision while in flight. They offer both a standard and "pro" subscription. The standard subscription is currently
$99/year, while the pro subscription runs at $199/year.

Aviation Dictionary
When you first start on your flight training journey, there are numerous abbreviations you need to learn. This helpful app is an easy-to-use dictionary that that you can use to look up abbreviations and the meaning of words you may have forgotten. It is great whether you are simply studying or need to use it in the sky during your flight.

LogTen Pro
This is one of our favorites over here. It helps eliminate the headache handwritten flight logs may bring. This app is essentially an advanced pilot logbook with the capabilities of flacking your flight time, currency, duty, endorsements, rest, BFRs, and more. It's free to download and has very impressive reviews.

Live ATC
This app allows you to listen to the communication channels between air traffic control and planes, which is great for student pilots. The application enables pilots to listen to live ATC feeds throughout the U.S and select international airports. Students, who may not be used to operating in a controlled airport environment, can listen to become more familiar with ATC terms or calls. The app also lets you see a diagram of the airport's runway layout and check the region's weather.

This mighty app allows you to record and debrief your flight lessons, complete with chart overlays, altitude graphs, and automatic maneuver detection. Pilots can then review their flights in real-time using Google Earth or an aviation chart. Understanding what went wrong during your flight can improve your future flight performance, which is even more critical during student training.

Aviation W&B Calculator
This user-friendly app makes it easy to do weight and balance before every flight. This app is designed by pilots for pilots; it includes plenty of time-saving features and graphical CG loading representations. The app allows students to build their unique airplane or utilize a pre-loaded template. It is available for $9.99 in the App Store.


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